The Evolution Of Health And Fitness

The caring of ones health and fitness has already been a primary objective, even during the prehistoric times. Although during those times, it was more of an instinct for survival that governs their concept of taking care of their health and fitness instead of being aware that they had to do it. All that they knew before on health and fitness was to be able to look for food that will fill their stomachs and stop it from rumbling. That is prehistoric health care.As man evolved and developed to more intelligent beings, it wasn’t only the concept of survival that ruled over their minds but also their need to nurture and have those people around them survive along with the whole group or tribe. Fitness was now in the hands of a few people, who were responsible in keeping the health of the group by providing for their basic necessities. When one got sick, they tried what they could with their little knowledge to help. Those with more resourceful minds probably gave more substantial suggestions on what to do and if successful, the sick would live. If not, they will be left behind to die.When people began to be more civilized with their actions and speech, being healthy and fit now became part of their major concerns. They needed to take care of each other to keep the group or community intact. The rudimentary of medicines learned from other practices were put into motion. Their primary objective is to make sure that each person was healthy. To be able to accomplish this, they tried to learn more on what was being done by other groups. Some practices are also based on instinct and a bit of knowledge and experimentation on what they have seen done and the positive results that they have gotten from it.From these roots, people have made several discoveries as to what health and fitness was all about. Everything was on a trial and error basis and yet, they succeeded into realizing the various possible treatments for the myriad of sicknesses being encountered. A lot of people had to sacrifice themselves just for the sake of the advancement of medicine since during those times, with having no cure equivalent to dying. But because of these sacrifices and the willingness to succeed, several cures have come out to eradicate those illnesses totally and cause no more deaths.Health and fitness has come a long way since those primitive practices. Thousands, if not millions of diseases and ailments are being discovered, and yet, the cure to all of them still remains elusive. People in the health care industry now have more advanced means of finding a treatment to a certain disease. But one thing still remains the same. The pursuit of caring for the health and fitness of humankind still remains their primary objective. Everything possible is being done in finding a specific cure to several diseases, sometimes venturing to the impossible, hoping against hope that this time, they would be successful in conquering another milestone for the health care industry.